20-Year Meth Addict Recovers, Becomes Professor

Tulsa Community College professor Lynette Moreau’s life includes two children, two grandchildren and three degrees, and she’s proud of them all. 

It also features 20 years as an intravenous methamphetamine addict. 

“I used to have a lot of shame,” Moreau said. 

“I was so embarrassed that I did that to myself and to other people. It held me back a lot. 

“I can’t change it. The only thing I can do is learn from it and move forward and pray to God that I have a helping hand in saving somebody else’s life like this school has saved mine.” 

Through tremendous effort and the help of a lot of people, Moreau overcame her meth addiction and got her life back on track. 
Now she’s helping others do the same. 

She first injected drugs – cocaine – when she was 16, about the same time she dropped out of high school. 


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