100’s Dying From Overdose In Wisconsin But We Are Never Giving Up!

sober-nation“We were sick and tired of pulling mothers away from caskets, burying friends,

family members, and watching our people die. We were sick and tired of

watching people who struggle with addiction being suppressed, discriminated

against, and not getting the treatment they deserve. We were sick and tired of

watching people being buried by their own shame and guilt, in, out, and around

this disease. We were sick and tired of being sick and tired. So we have

decided to join efforts to make a difference in our community; in hopes to save

just one life. Since then, we have watched the most amazing things happen & none of this would be possible without our own recovery

first. Being sober is awesome!”

It has been said that to find your gift is the meaning of life and to give it away is your purpose. I have been gifted and now I give. I have been taught and now I teach. I aspire to be a giver of love and strength. I do not give to get. I give so others are inspired to do the same. My name is Anthony Alvarado, President & Co-founder of RISE TOGETHER.

RISE TOGETHER is an organization that focuses on prevention education, awareness, and community outreach.

Since getting started on September of 2013, between our speeches, rally’s, educational seminars, social media, and our following from traditional media such as TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers, our message of recovery has captured the attention of millions around the world. In turn, a movement of #HOPE has been created. Our stories of redemption are now leading others to positive change. We have been called cultural and spiritual leaders, and even at times seen as those that go against the status quo. Regardless of what your thought are, we are indeed carrying a light on our back and guiding our youth out of some of the darkest places.

Today RISE TOGETHER is about ‘Fighting Against Substance Abuse & Standing Up for Recovery.’ Read more and support…

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