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City worker who drove drunk will get job back (Nov. 25)

The arbitrator’s ruling saying that “alcoholism is a disability … ” is totally misused or misrepresented.

The word “disability” means to be disabled. Examples are the blind because they can not see, the deaf and hearing impaired because they can not hear, or the paralyzed because they are missing the use of arms or legs. There is no choice there.

The city worker had a choice. So where is he disabled? He chose to use the city vehicle for his own personal use. He chose to get drunk and drive the city vehicle. Again, where is his disability?

Granted, alcoholism is a sickness. And I am glad that he has been given a second chance at his job. But please, do not label it a “disability.”

I, myself, do not have a choice when I can not hear. He had a choice.

Karen Mulrooney, Burlington

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