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MALIBU, CA--(Marketwire -11/21/11)- Dr. Akikur Mohammad, Founder of Malibu Horizon, the leading non 12-step treatment center in Malibu, California and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California (, announced today that he and his team at Malibu Horizon, along with several addiction professionals in the region, are launching an intervention awareness campaign designed to educate the public about the marvels and pitfalls of the intervention process.

Dr. Mohammad said, "While there is absolutely no doubt that when dealing with a medical disease, proper and careful intervention by a qualified individual is the key to healing; well, that sentiment holds particularly true for the disease of addiction." Mohammad added, "Sadly, a shocking number of interventionists working today are not just unqualified to perform quality interventions, but they are also drastically overcharging people in need for their questionable services. In my opinion, this behavior is borderline criminal and must be stopped."

Dr. Mohammad and his peers have decided that until there is a consistent and respected regulatory system in place to monitor the actions of qualified interventionists, they are forming an alliance of addiction experts throughout the recovery industry that will be keeping a registry of qualified and reputable interventionists, and making their list available to the public upon request. Mohammad added, "Our team is launching this campaign to not only educate the public about the intervention process and how to find the best qualified interventionist for your situation, but also to provide some system of checks and balances to an intervention industry that until now has operated below the radar. There is no room for error when treating this disease and the professionals responsible for critical interventions need to be qualified or out of business; it is that simple and an awareness campaign is a much needed first step."

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