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Drug addiction is prevalent among a significant number of schoolboys in Qatar as per the findings of a field survey jointly conducted by the Centre for Social Rehabilitation and the Supreme Education Council, a local Arabic daily reported yesterday.
The substance consumed by the students, known in Arabic as Suwayka, is a roll of tobacco leaf containing some stimulants. It is placed under the palate for some time and then spit out. It creates a kind of exhilaration and provides a “kick”.
Regular consumption of it leads to addiction and serious psychological problems. Among a sample group of 2,073 students surveyed 306 (15%) were found to be addicted to this substance.
The schools in Wakrah, Abu Hamour, Shahaniya and al-Khor had the majority of such addicts says the report. They get access to it through the domestic servants, mainly drivers. A surplus of pocket money given to the boys by their parents, the temptation resulting from the behaviour of their misguided classmates, and negligence on the part of the parents are the main reasons for this malady. The parents also lack the tactics of dealing with their adolescent children. They need to be counselled and trained on this aspect, says the report.

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