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Sixty Day Friends and Family Support Program

Program Overview

Alcoholism and drug addiction are family diseases and at My Recovery we believe that it is essential that families begin their own journeys of Recovery.
The online 60-Day Family and Friends Support Program helps those who live with or care about an alcohol or drug dependent person to begin the healing process, independent of what the other does or does not do. The program gives people the opportunity to better understand addiction, its impact on the family and concerned others and introduces the member to the process of recovery as embodied in the 12-Steps of Al-Anon.

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Program Goals and Schedule

Program Goals

  • To understand the family disease of addiction
  • To learn the three “C’s”: Can’t cause, Can’t Control and Can’t Cure
  • To fashion a full and satisfying life, sharing experience, strength and hope with other online members.

Program Schedule

More details on the program schedule are coming soon.

Other Programs

Individual Program

Individual Program

An introduction to a new life of Recovery, interacting online with an experienced addiction professional with lectures, readings, discussion groups and supportive feedback from other program members.
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Extended After Care

Extended After Care

Building on the foundation of the Individual Recovery Program, Extended After Care explores Recovery issues in greater depth, integrating lectures, videos and group discussion with facilitation by an experienced addiction professional.
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