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  • I tried smoking medical marijuana for my anxiety disorder but it made my symptoms worse and I stopped. The AA ideas came rushing back: “Does this mean I’m not sober anymore?”

    I first came into recovery the same […]

  • There were leftover beers scattered outside the house as the picnic came to a close. Linda* remembers rounding up the cups and bottles and polishing them off—a little bit of everything that everyone else was h […]

  • HUDSON, Wis. — For Angie Payden, recovery is like a game of Jenga, strengthened by individual pieces such as Alcoholics Anonymous, religion, family, friends and more. If she loses one piece, the whole s […]

  • For years now, rumors about Jimmy Fallon’s alleged drinking problem have been circulating online and in the tabloid media.

    The speculation was spurred by numerous witnesses who gave accounts of Fallon fre […]

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