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Tyler Z.

Tom, I understand the shaky person who comes to a meeting. That was me for weeks until finally it clicked! It took going to about 60 in person meetings in 75 days for me to begin to see it. The hunched over, hands folded by legs. YEP, that was me. Only I was so pissed off to be there I did not like ANYONE there. I even walked out of a few meetings. Had a lady follow me out one time to try and catch me. But I had to figure it out for myself (with a little help), but mainly I had to “come to”. Now some of the people at the meetings I despised at first have become wonderful friends to me. And they have told me I have helped them by sharing as a newcomer.
I completely understand how new people feel attending a meeting. I was must there not too long ago. But I just kept coming back becuase I had tried everything else and NOTHING else was working. 27 years of drinking (and being an alcoholic) and NOW I get it??? Now I can see it. IT took a lot of hard knocks to see. UGH!