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Stephanie Sierra Cammon

I’ll be at the online meeting. It is easier for me to attend those than in person meetings. Thank you for reaching out, it is sweet of you! I can’t pinpoint why or what triggered it, but my anxiety and stress has been super high recently and it has been difficult for me. I’m not really driven to use, but I’ve been over thinking my past actions too much and it is affecting my overall happiness. This is what I feel I need help with. I don’t know how to process it.

I’ve made great strides with the visitation with my children. I didn’t see them for almost 6 months, after being with them every day for their entire lives (minus a day or two here and there) so even though it is hard not to have them with my all the time, my ex husband just offered to let me keep them the entire summer break! It means the world to me. My kids are my ultimate happiness. Being a mother is my best accomplishment.