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Amanda Lynn Davis

Hi again Stephanie… I just wanted to touch basis with you and let you know that I too struggle with the mental anguishes that I put myself and my kids through! I lost my kids while I was too busy getting high! Getting high was more important than my kids! So it has been 10 years since I have had any contact with them, but as I am writing this my grandkids are taking their nap. Yes, it is a miracle in itself! I am being trusted again and blessed to be able to do this! Now after 10 years I am getting my kids back in my life AND grandkids! 17 months ago I would have never seen this happening!! But it is and it is because I am clean and sober! I have hard days too but after going to an online meeting I always feel little bit better each time. And I learn things i can use in my recovery!! Cuz even thoughbi may have 17 months clean I am still all new to this! And it is! Very important to me to have these meetings as i am unable to attend outside meetings due to no license and personal reasons. So I just had a minute and wanted to take the time to let you know a little bit more about me. OK well thanks and hope to see you around here..