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Tyler Z.

I am glad to hear the topic of the meeting for Wednesday. I have no idea really how to get started. This is day three of sobriety. Tomorrow morning I meet with a counselor to discuss options, but I do plan on attending meetings here online as they are easier than driving the distance I would have to go for an in person meeting. I want to hear from others in the group to see how they got started with sobriety and things I can do to keep adding to my three days thus far. Tom, Stephanie and Lynn (and others) I look forward to hearing and sharing with you online Wednesday. I have not lost my children or custody of them but I know I was headed that direction. Lynn and Stephanie I am happy for you being able to get in touch with your kids again and for what you have made it through. Although I do not have any help on solutions to process things and happiness right now I look forward to meeting you all, sharing, and beginning this process of getting my life back.