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Heidi Quist

Love this Tom, it’s always hard when you hear someone went back out of you haven’t heard from them in a while…you wonder are they are okay or are they going to come back or have they really relapsed. As I’m approaching 6 years in recovery I can say I have learned to take a step back and own my recovery and not others. In the beginning I wanted to help everyone and do everything for everyone and I slowly learned I can’t do that. My first go at recovery I only made it one year and then I relapsed, it was completely emotional and I let it all get me and consume me. I saw the train wreck coming but I wouldn’t stop…I am better for it now tho. I am glad I went through it and it made me so much stronger. I have not relapsed since so I can’t speak to long-term recovery relapse and I hope I never have to. Thank you for your awesome post, I love reading your questions and stories! – HQ