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Tom G

Jodi, you really made me think. For as long as I can remember, I threw myself at things (relationships, friendships, hobbies, etc…) only to overdo it and end up ruining the joy of life. Same with drinking. I went from liking it, to wanting it, to needing it. What was fun I took to the extreme, allowed it to take over my life and made living unbearable.
Looking back over my life I can see alcoholic tendencies in many areas of my life. Born that way and pretty much lived true to that for a very long time.
I really liked your closing statement. “Sobriety is wonderful”. So simple and so true. I’m adding that to my list of recovery sayings that I use to get by one day at a time.
Sobriety is wonderful. Without sobriety, my life is hard. Joy goes away and I don’t participate in life. With sobriety, life is worth it and I have worth to others.
Thank you for the topic and the simple message that sobriety is wonderful. It truly is.
You’ve made my day!
Tom g.