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Tom G

I had to laugh. I did the same thing with the orange aspirin as a young kid. Loved the flavor and ‘getting away with it’ from the parents…same thing with my active alcoholism years later.

Looking back, I’d say I was different or ‘born that way’ in that I’d drink to excess, get violently ill, swear off drinking forever and turn around and do it all over again the next night. If a normal person eats something and gets sick from it, they stay away from whatever they ate; usually for a very long time. Normal people are born that way.

Some people are born with diabetes, some are born with food allergies. they stay away from the foods that make them sick or mess with their blood sugar. I can’t drink alcohol the way ‘normal’ people do. I have to stay away from alcohol, or else, I will die. I guess I was born that way.