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Mary Jo McMillen

Hello my name is Eddie this is my first time on here and your story was one of the first ones I read. I was on methadone for about 9 years. I went to a clinic in Nashville first, Middle Tennessee treatment center, then to several different ones in Rossville Geogia, I got to the point that I hated it. I felt like it controlled me,I tried several times to quit and only making it a few days.Everyone told me it would take weeks before you felt normal again and I felt hopeless. I thought I would rather die as go on like this.I told my wife how I felt and she talked to other members in my family and they decided to try and get me help.They had me admitted into eastern state hospital. I went threw withdrawal there among a lot of very sick people.After 6 or 7 days I started feeling better after 10 days I was on my feet and feeling somewhat normal didn’t take several weeks or months like everyone That has been 2 years ago and with Gods help I am still clean you can do this know in your heart and mind you can do it it is a very hard time but do not give up you will feel better sooner than you think