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Douglas R

I would say I hit my bottom while sitting in a chair too drunk to move and not able to pass out. I realized it was over as my young daughter tried in vain to help me. I knew at that point I could not stop and that the party was over. I’d been at this point before but this time was different.There were no promises that I would quit this time. I knew I could not quit. I had told my sister-in-law some months back when she offered her help, that I was an alcoholic and no one help me.

Thirty some years earlier my liver failed due to alcohol and I was given my last rights. That was not my bottom,my bottom was that night in July of 2005 sitting in a chair, I hit my bottom. I did not drink again for 90 days. During that time I counted each day. On October 25th 2005 I took my last drink and had my last drunk. My sobriety date is 26 2005 and that is when I went to my first AA meeting. I knew I needed a replacement for alcohol if I wanted to stay sober and AA was that solution for me. The big book opened my eyes and showed me a solution that worked for not only me but millions of other people. To this day I am forever grateful to AA, the people who trudge this road with me and the sponsorship I have found.