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Heidi Quist

Tom/Yellow –
Great post Tom….I honestly was very glad my bottom was what I see some bottoms to be like. I get to see/hear bottoms of sponse’s and people walking into the rooms all the time…I feel very grateful that my bottom was…okay I’m either going to die or I have to get the courage and strength and fight this because I wanted my life back. I knew the people around me and me were all I had left and I had to fight for that and I knew I had a lot of fight left in me…so I fought, for my life! This disease never ceases to amaze me and make me sad all at the same time. Even after 5 years I still have hard days but I use every tool AA has given me to combat that. Tom reading part of your story was very helpful for me today…sometimes I get wrapped up in the little things that are bugging me and really I should just be grateful I get to wake up every day…healthy, alive and free. Everyone’s bottom seems to be different in my experience which I think makes us all unique and has helped me learn over the years and for that I am truly grateful! Hope you are all doing well!