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Tom G

I’m throwing this out there for discussion…

Yellow posted that she was’t quite ready yet to take action to begin the road to recovery. Ms. Q posted that, even though afraid, took the first step into recovery by walking into a dingy church basement for an AA meeting. I, not being able to do for myself what needed to be done, had a wife and son who took me to detox and then to treatment – even when I didn’t think either were necessary.

I think the difference between Heidi and me was honesty. I’d guess Heidi was able to be honest with herself; she knew she was on the road to death and was willing to save herself. I, too, knew I was quickly heading down that same road, but because of many reasons (shame, embarrassment, dishonesty) I wasn’t able to save myself. I wasn’t honest with others (as the doctor was taking chunks out of my liver for a biopsy, I told him I was a social drinker – even though I drank on the way to and way home from the hospital!) and I wasn’t honest with myself.

In AA, we talk about “hitting bottom”. What was your “hitting bottom” like? And, what did it take for you to accept that you were powerless over alcohol (or drugs) and that your life had become unmanageable?