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Heidi Quist

Hey Andrea! How are things going? I remember my first few days like it was yesterday and believe me it’s been a while (over 4 years). I remember the sweats, the anxiety, the not being able to stop moving, never got sleep, I could barely talk, I couldn’t focus on anything at work. Without that experience I don’t think I would be where I am today. I am so happy you wrote on here because I was struggling today with something and being able to see that I could maybe share my experience, strength and hope with someone else that …MAYBE it will get me out of my own head! I remember in the beginning going to a ton of meetings, doing the meeting before…the meeting and the meeting after, getting a good sponsor, connecting with the fellowship as much as I could, I did service work whenever I could and I prayed a ton! How are things going so far?? – Heidi