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Tom G

It’s interesting that you mentioned emotions. As I look back at the past year, I think the range of emotions really sticks out.
At first, I was foggy and confused. Then I went through a stretch where I was really bummed out. I typically sat and said to myself, “I just want to feel normal”; problem was I didn’t what normal felt like. Finally a feeling of peace came over when I fully accepted who I was and turned my will over to God.
Some of those emotions had me thinking sobriety isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I think we all go through varying emotions as we travel through recovery. Some are easy, some aren’t.
I know, and I pray all of my brothers and sisters in the fellowship of AA know, that there will be good and bad emotional days.
Work the steps, live the program and connect with others on those bad days. Enjoy the good days. They become more numerous as our ‘one day at a times’ add up.
I always need to remember not to make a decision with long term consequences based on a short term emotion.
What are your experiences with emotions during recovery?
Tom G.