Recovery Community

People in Recovery… Helping People in Recovery!

At My Recovery we believe that when people who want recovery connect to people to have it… miracles happen! With years of experience, we know that Recovery happens in the community. The goal of is to create a vibrant and supportive Recovery community, where community shares its collective experience, strength and hope, to help guide others into their local rooms of Recovery.

My Recovery also offers a comprehensive Resource Center as well as short-term and long-term online Recovery Programs.

Recovery Community Features


Social Recovery Network

An opportunity to bring people together who share a common experience and journey and to allow them to enhance each others’ lives, Recovery and spiritual paths.


Online Journal

An opportunity to reflect on one’s personal Recovery journey and share your insights with other journal-keepers.


Live Wall

Stay connected to your recovery friends at all times! Read, comment and share your hope to everyone in the recovery community and get instant feedback!

Private One to One Messaging


The myRecovery Blog is a place where members and our staff share thoughts on addiction Recovery!



A place where you can read or share experience, strength and hope with others in the recovery community. This is a great place to ask questions, get feedback and find support in your recovery journey.