I am a Friend of Someone in Need

Join us now on your journey to wellness…

Being a friend, neighbor, colleague or business associate of someone in active addiction can be exhausting, difficult and extremely painful. myRecovery.com wants you know the good news: that there have been thousands of concerned others who have helped people they care deeply about into long-term Recovery.

While it may seem clear what addiction is doing to a loved one, it is often harder to see what their addiction is doing to you. After selecting your personal level of privacy, myRecovery.com connects you with others who have themselves experienced the process of supporting someone into a new life of Recovery.

By helping you understand the nature of the illness of chemical dependency, we can help you help a loved one make solid and informed choice about their – and your own – journey of healing.

How do I talk to a friend I suspect may have a problem?

Get feedback from others on myRecovery.com who have been concerned about someone else’s chemical use. Learn what you should (and shouldn’t) do… and what works best!

My co-worker has a problem with alcohol. Whom should I talk to about it?

Many have been where you are. For starters, we recommend you start by researching your company’s Employee Assistance Program.

Won’t my friend pull away if I confront him/her about my concern?

Talking to someone in early sobriety can be difficult but is extremely. Ask what it feels like to have a friend express their care.

Can I have a drink when my best friend is in Recovery?

Sample the opinions of people in recovery. You may be surprised at what you hear.