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The myRecovery Resource Center is a community-based, content-rich web database designed to deliver addiction recovery services, tools and information to people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction 24x7. To that end, membership in My Recovery brings with it access to our proven assessment tools, a comprehensive set of addiction and Recovery resources in an online library.

My Recovery also offers a caring Community of people in recovery to provide support as well as comprehensive short-term and long-term Recovery Programs.

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Resource Center Features
Assessment Tools

Assessment tools based on accepted industry standards and criteria, including AUDIT, CAGE and T-ACE, The Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST 3), Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) and The Alcohol Severity Index (ASI).

Latest Recovery News

Timely articles and first-hand reports on current addiction research as well as essays on spirituality, the 12-Steps of AA and NA, alcoholism as a family disease and the importance of community.

Audio and Video

The most comprehensive library of 12-Step-related talks and lectures ever assembled. Videos will concentrate on topics related to the disease concept, the 12-Steps, the problem and the solution, the process of change in Recovery and spirituality.

Nationwide Meeting Directory

Times, dates, locations and descriptions of thousands of 12-Step Recovery meetings across town and around the country.

Recovery Services Directory

My Recovery’s alcohol and drug online treatment directory is presented as specialized treatment categories designed to help find the appropriate resources for you, your friends, your family and loved ones. Recovery resources include, among others, intervention services, detox, residential and intensive outpatient programs sober houses and halfway houses.

Recovery Events

The goal of our Recovery Events directory is to bring the rich message of Recovery to the greatest number of people. Meetings and conferences around the world are made available by date, time location and type.

Recovery Blog

An opportunity for members of myRecovery.com to post comments in an interactive format, combining text, images and links to other blogs.

Find a Sponsor Tools

myRecovery.com asks for “a show of hands” of persons who are willing to be a temporary sponsor and provides a placed to connect these sponsors with sponsee’s. Someone who will meet you at a coffee house before a meeting and orient you to your area’s meetings and events.

The Big Book Online

An electronic edition of “Alcoholics Anonymous” (“The Big Book”), the primary text of AA.

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